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We are offering a product that brings to the market a creative, intelligent, and, above all, sustainable packaging solution from Tetra Pak® that meets the needs of our clients. Together we can help consumers make good packaging choices that help protect the environment, by promoting an alternative to plastic bottles. The Tetra Prisma Aseptic carton is perfectly adapted to any size’s hands, so it offers a comfortable grip during consumption. This makes it the perfect solution for any type of consumer.

ECO PACK WATER aims to raise consumer awareness of the pollution caused by plastics while offering a new highly-flexible communication medium: a carton package.

ECO PACK WATER provides a creative solution for your branding, marketing, and/or CSR campaign. We are passionate about helping to create a brand strategy and visual messaging.

Communication through the ECO PACK WATER conveys a comprehensive and unique message of clients’ brand on the packaging they choose and design. As a result, clients can raise their sustainability profile, launching a better perception of their brand in the eyes of the consumer. We offer an innovative way to drink water and communicate brand messages.

Brand communication

Possibility to run several designs at the same time for promotional needs
Innovative material and shape
Market services to support clients in building and launching their branding

A global study* conducted by Tetra Pak in 2019 showed that buying a product with an environmentally sound packaging is in the top 3 most frequently done activities, chosen by 26% of global consumers, after sorting for recycling and reducing food waste. The study also revealed that this impacts brand consideration positively – more than half of consumers are much more likely to consider a branded product if it comes in an environmentally sound package.

Tetra Pak® carton packages for water are a sustainable choice, as they are mostly made of paperboard, from wood in continuously growing forests, where new trees replace the ones that are harvested. This helps reduce climate impact. All Tetra Pak packages use FSC™ – certified paperboard, sourced from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources. This is guaranteed through the FSC label.

Renewable materials like trees and plants not only regenerate, but they also take up CO₂ from the air as they grow. This means they’re better for the climate than fossil materials like oil and natural gas…which add new CO₂ to the atmosphere when used.

*Source: Tetra Pak 2019 Consumer Environmental Trends Report







Technology that respects the environment

The packaging we offer is made of paper, plastic and aluminum. Using different layers of the packaging, water retains its organoleptic properties, isolating it from any external factor. The package is mostly paperboard, and the cap is made of plant-based plastic from sugar cane. The plastic layers protect from external moisture, retain liquids and create a barrier of microorganisms from the air, while the aluminum layer eight times thinner than a human hair provides basic protection against oxygen, light and bacteria, preserving the taste of the liquid. The packaging can be disposed of and recycled.


The water of premium quality

The water facilities and our partners are recognized for their environmental policy based on continuous innovation in their processes to achieve sustainable packaging. As the water producer, our facilities have a modern three-phase filtration system: osmotic pressure filtration, remineralization and microfiltration, which eliminates any impurity and provides the mineral table with an optimal and balanced pH, resulting in water of maximum quality and guarantees.

Branded Water Bottle


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Two Package Sizes 330 ml and 500 ml

My Water Carton Pack 330 ml

330 ml

My Water Brand

500 ml


We have a creative team of designers ready to develop a design that is tailored to the client’s brand and in line with their guidelines or communication goals. Whether it’s a simple sticker for our white-label or full-brand designs. In addition to this, we could offer our clients printing of the branded stickers.


The packaging production phase with different labeling methods is performed by our partners: Tetra Pak® as the packaging producer and water factory as the water producer in certified structures, in food-processing environments. All products are stored in temperature controlled warehouses. This special management guarantees additional quality in the supply chain.


We supply our clients with the desired packaging to the address. Our partner is the largest European manufacturer of cardboard water. The shipment is possible anywhere in the world.


ECO PACK WATER offers fully customized packages with elegant and modern designs.
The prismatic shape is a blank canvas for unlimited creativity.

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Private Label Water Pack
Private Label Water Pack
Private Label Water Pack